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Upcoming events at Small Food Bakery:

'Polyfaces' - Documentary screening, dinner and debate Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th February

Tickets are available via eventbrite or purchase in person from the bakery

Join the Small Food Bakery team for the first in a series of film screenings and meals around the topic ‘ How can we eat sustainably?’. We invite you to watch the multi award winning documentary 'Polyfaces' then eat and chat with us at an event intended to inform and inspire action and debate. After the film you will be served a delicious meal designed as a response to the film and showcasing local sustainable ingredients. The menu is a collaboration between Small Food and local grower and environmentalist, John Mcdonald (Gallery Farm, Woodborough). Expect wild foraged ingredients, innovative cooking and examples of produce from the very best examples of sustainable farming in the UK.

 ‘Agriculture is the most damaging industry, but it doesn’t have to be and this regenerative model of food productions could be just the thing that saves us!’ Polyfaces

The film, directed by Lisa Heenan and Isaebella Doherty, focuses on Polyface, a farm in Northern Virginia. There, for decades, the Salatin family has shunned chemical-heavy farming practices in favor of sustainable rotation and grazing methods. Family members also teach those methods to others; their success has led to many devotees and appearances in several documentaries and books. This tale of an unorthodox farm may have you nodding along to most everything its operators say, and believing that their methods are the best way to help us eat (and live) a whole lot better. (New York Times)

“The inspiring and beautifully produced film, 'Polyfaces', describes a unique farm including the community of young interns who come to work there each year. It even follows several of them after they leave their training to start farms of their own. I think it would be great if every teenager could see this film and then decide for themselves whether or not to give diversified, small-scale farming a try.” (Larry Korn )